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Wilmer Fong Suzan (Feikert) & Jim Gillett  
Michael Page John Jensen Charles Cass
Margene (Lind) Candela Bob Wolfe Dennis Eberhardt
Dave Loughead Deborah (Sellers) Hench Ron Buck
Michael Kirkle Ron Richards Mitch Mays
Gary Cooper    

Wilmer Fong
:...the Lodi High experience was very fulfilling and played a big role in shaping my life path. I might have been considered the class artist by some and subsequently started a business in strategic design for branding and marketing. I'm still at it.
Here's a link to a recent press release to share some information about me.


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Suzan (Feikert) & Jim Gillett


Here's the conundrum: how to condense 40 years into a few paragraphs? But since you are now my captive audience, I have the advantage.............

My first marriage (1971) ended less than four years later. No property, no kids--got out of it clean, thank God. It never should have happened. Met my second husband, Neal Starr, when we both worked for the State of California in Stockton. We were married in 1976. He was 51; I was 25. Many of you have probably met Neal at some of the reunions in the past. Our son Neal Jr. was born in 1977. Neal Sr. died in October of 2003 following a second bout with cancer 21 years after the first. I still miss him every day and there will always be a hole in my world. We had a wonderful life together and traveled extensively. I would do it all over again, even knowing what I would face with his illnesses. And I wish I could. When I married him, I knew that statistically I would outlive him but even so, when I think of what I would have missed if I had listened to the "advice" of well-meaning friends and family........

In any case, we moved from Lodi to New Hampshire in 1989 and I stayed for two winters after Neal died, but then decided I needed a big change in my life. Shortly after he died, I received a card from my high school sweetheart Jim Gillette, who learned of Neal's death from Fred Donald. I replied and invited Jim to visit New England. By gosh, he did, and we celebrated our birthdays together in 2004, 37 years after we first celebrated our 16th birthdays together, along with the requisite driver's licenses. In any case, that first visit in 2004 turned into three in three months and we had a bi-coastal thing going on until I moved to Oregon in August of 2005. By the end of 2006, we had moved in together but he still works in CA for six months of the year, although this will be his last season. He is retiring and moving up here for good in November. We bought a beautiful house together in February this year. We live in West Linn, about 15 miles southwest of Portland. It's wonderful--clean, green, nice people, good job, etc. So--the old adage "fact is stranger than fiction" certainly applies to Jim and me. The lifelong bachelor with terminal commitment phobia has finally turned the corner at age 57.....go figure.

My son and his wife still live in NH and I will be visiting in September. They made me a first-time grandmother on July 3. I have posted the baby's picture.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the reunion next year. I haven't missed one yet and I don't intend to break that record............

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Michael Page
I originally wrote this on the Classmates site and was happy to see Kathy is providing a link for all of us to connect without "upgrading to the Gold Membership". After a few modifications, here it is........After completing one semester at Delta, I reluctantly joined the Navy (didn't care to go to Viet Nam). Got out and went back work in Stockton. Moved to Vegas for 2 years, moved to Fresno (ugh) and went to Fresno State and then to a Tech school and eventually got into industrial refrigeration. With a job setting up equipment and training people on PC-to-PLC-to mechanical equipment, troubleshooting systems and equipment, I got to travel all over the world averaging at least 200,000 air miles a year. Most of the travel was to every state in the Union but I eventually hit every civilized continent. Highlights of my travels were; standing on the Great Wall, overlooking a Syrian valley from a Crusades castle, traveling to Belgium and tasting the best beer/ale in the world, being the only 'round-eye' in an Indonesian bar singing Karaoke 3-4 years before it hit the states, and finding out that there are states in this country that are just as foreign as any country I had ever traveled. I now work for a small contractor that has offices in Lodi, Watsonville, and Wilder, Idaho with very little travel involved, that which suits me fine. After more than several attempts and failures (job related), I found my soul mate and have been married for 9 years to Sandi. I have a daughter (17 yrs old) from a previous marriage who lives with us in her first semester at Delta, a 30 yr. old step-daughter and her 11 yr. old daughter (that would make me "grandpa") in my family. We love wine (mostly reds) and going to Napa, Amador, and even Lodi to the many wineries. Sandi loves the fact that I can build a dinner around a bottle of wine we selected. In the 14 years Sandi and I have been together, she has never cooked one dinner aside from ordering deli take-out or pizza. We now share a passion for golf. I have played for about 32 years but Sandi just got into it 2 years ago and "made me" join a golf club. I have travelled to exotic and not so exotic places that most my friends could only imagine. The people I have met and been in their homes and communities throughout this world only solidifies my belief that we are all alike. We share the same goals, hopes, fears, and even prejudices. I found that most prejudice is religion based as well as the "national pride" instilled in us by our respective governments. (Off the soapbox) I look forward to hearing from people with whom I lost contact and I commend Kathy Dais and those in her group that are taking the time to let us reconnect. I look forward to the 40th reunion. One last comment....... If you come up to me and tell me "it's so good to see you again Michael/Mike", and I give you a blank stare, I am asking you to forgive me in advance. Criminy Sakes, I'm an old guy now and can barely remember yesterday.

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John Jensen

We just relocated to the beautiful Virginia town of Crozet. Busy time! Thankfully, we have good health and humor.

Wishing you and the Lodi class of '69 a great reunion and a wonderful summer.



This is a link for a video of the group Chaise Lounge which John is a member of. They were playing at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. It's a long video so plan to spend a half hour or more at the computer. Hope you like the video.


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Charles Cass

Left to right are... Josh (my crazy son)...Kizzy (the best dog that's ever owned me) Myself (crippled Chuck) and Mark ( my legally blind dive buddy from the Marshall Islands)
We were in Titusville, Fl. to watch the Space Shuttle launch from the back yard of our good friends Paul & Cassie. Of course the launch was cancelled because of hail damage to the Shuttles fuel tank. Yep....that's right...according to the weather service...the ONLY place in Florida it hailed that night was at the Cape and NASA obviously couldn't find a blue tarp anywhere in the state of Florida to cover the nose of the Shuttle !!
Anyway.... we still had a great time on the "Blind...Cripple...and Crazy Road Tour" traveling through the southern states of
Florida,Louisiana,Georgia,Alabama,Mississippi,Tennesee,and back to Planet Arkansas.
We took many back roads off the beaten path, ate some awesome chow,met some really nice folks,heard some great blues in Lousiana and the Mississippi delta (ask me sometime about the black dude,carrying a guitar, we saw walking near the "crossroads" in Miss.) and hoisted a Pirate flag high above the camper wherever we stopped for the night.
It was over way too soon.Six weeks on the road and a lifetime of memories. Oh well....you know what I always say..........

"Time flies when your having rum"


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Margene (Lind) Candela

This is the one reunion I was really considering coming to until I saw the date - I am doing the San Francisco half-marathon that Sunday (tradition now for what will be the third year) so I have to be in the city and in bed by 8 p.m. - with no cocktails for a week before!! I was going to write something for your website about me but maybe this attached link tells about my life for the last 2 years. I've simply become an athlete of sorts which is crazy but my passion. I do Sprint distance triathlons, half marathons, lots of weight training, and will hopefully complete my first full marathon (26.2 miles) on January 18 in Phoenix. I was never any good at anything athletic, especially running - and it's still a struggle - but I love being in shape and not pudgy for the first time in my life. I'm still working full time in Human Resources for a major international bank from Spain with a sunbelt presence in the US. With my 401(k) in not the best of shape I will be working for quite some time!! Thanks for all of the work you've done to keep us connected.
Here's also a photo of me and my favortie (only) niece at the San Jose Rock & Roll Marathon in October.

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Bob Wolfe

There are a lot of names on the class list that I remember even though I only lived in the Lodi area for 3 years, it was still an important part of my life.
When I left after graduation I went to college in Texas at a small community college, got married, had a daughter and three years later found myself a single dad. I raised my daughter by myself mostly for 5 years before I met and married my wife of 30 years, Sharon. By that time I had graduated from college, joined the Navy and was flying the A-6 Intruder off the USS Constellation. Sharon and I had two more children and now we have three grandchildren, the latest, Zane Alexander, born in September.
After ten years of active duty I got a job as an airline pilot with USAirways which is where I still work. Somewhere along the way I picked up a fascination with sailing and bought my first sailboat 30 years ago. We are on our third boat now. It is currently in Tortola, British Virgin Islands and in the next few weeks, Sharon and I are going there to sail her back to Pensacola, Florida, a trip of about 1800 nautical miles.

Thanks again for all your work.

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Dennis Eberhardt

After High School and a meager first semester at Delta, I joined the military – Special Forces. Yeah, I was actually one of those Green Berets that people talk about. I was a medic on an A team. It was quite a ride. Although overall, the experience taught me many life lessons and helped me mature, it was not a smooth road. Two failed marriages and a prolonged college career followed. I emerged as a Physician Assistant and practiced in the LA area, then in the Monterey Area where I met and married my wife Laila in ‘84. We have been together for 25 years and have two grown children, Elise –married, living and working in Switzerland and Tyler, now a junior at OSU and lacrosse goalie. I have also been able to re-establish a relationship with my first daughter who now has given us two (three in February) grandkids.

Through the 80’s & early 90’s I practiced emergency medicine. I became somewhat disenchanted with the profession and went back for my masters in business. We moved to Oregon in 94 where I eventually moved out of practice and into administration as the CEO of a medium-sized medical group. It was during graduate school I found a creative side to my personality that eventually won out. Starting as a hobby (my wife would say obsession) I began to build video editing computers and learning how to produce and direct, anticipating the day when video would be in the digital domain. Now, since 2006, we have a small but busy production company that produces commercials, documentaries and have developed an advanced, online, interactive, eLearning brand with some very prestigious clients. I quit everything else and though I don’t wear jodhpurs, a beret or monocle, I am now an independent producer. A dream for sure. Do I have a screenplay? You bet – 2 of them. Will they ever amount to anything? I doubt it. But man, life is finally fun.

Dennis Eberhardt

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Dave Loughead

Dave's sent us a link to his website to see what he's been up to. More information on Dave to follow soon.


Deborah (Sellers) Hench

After graduation I attended Delta College with a break before returning for my AA Degree. I started working for San Joaquin County in a clerical position March 1974 and worked my way up to become the Registrar of Voters in 2001. In 2007 I retired from that position and since then I have done a little traveling. I married Raymond Hench November 1990 unfortunately Ray passed away September 1999. My life has been interesting with many different turns and I plan to keep it that way.

I hope the reunion was a great one.
Deborah (Sellers) Hench

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Ron Buck

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Mike Kirkle

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Ron Richards

I been married 35 plus years to Vickie Perman, who is still teaching pre-school all these years, so I’ve always understood while she needed her quiet time at night.

Have two grown children, Ronnie, who lives and works in the Sacramento area as a GIS specialist, and daughter Lindsay and husband Mike who have built a home in Stockton.

 In this year of 2009 I’ve experienced all the life cycles ups and downs, as I lost my mom on July 11th,  have been supporting my sister Kathy’s fight with cancer, and my daughter just made us grandparents for the first time, giving birth to TRIPLETS on December 9th. Introducing Sara Hailey at 4 lb. 4 oz., Brooke Lauren at 4 lb. 2 oz., and finally Luke Michael at 3 lb. 9 oz. 

I’ve spent 32 plus years in manufacturing, managing everything from fire logs, to printed circuit boards, to high end quality Arts & Crafts Mission Style Furniture, and PVC piping. I’m currently at Tractor Supply Company in Galt, California, and having a blast. No stress, five days a week, 8 to5, and now a weekend fisherman.

Still a local boy getting involved in the community, sitting on LUSD Career Technical Advisory Committee, volunteering for fund raising events for Loel Center and Gardens and Lodi Memorial Hospital Foundation, local wine ambassador, ACS Relay for Life fundraiser, and 21+ gallon blood(platelets) donor for Delta Blood Bank.

Hope everyone enjoys the connection we have established here.

Thanks for being the Best class ever. “69” forever!!

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Mitchell Mays

Dr. Mitchell B. Mays, C.H.t. Dr. Mays is the author of The MIND GATE Process of Empowerment, Experience the Awesome Power of Your Subconscious Mind. He has been a licensed health care provider since 1978 earning his doctorate in Chiropractic health Sciences. He is also a Certified Master Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist. He has employed guided imagery and N.L.P. techniques for pain management since 1987and as a hypnotherapist and chiropractor has unique insights into the mind-body model of health and healing. His warm and caring manner is reflected in his unique way of working with his patients/clients to help them overcome and manage fears, phobias, anxiety and chronic pain syndromes. By “re-learning” a few simple and intuitive mind skills, his clients and seminar attendees have achieved self-mastery and empowerment in sports, business management, test taking/ exams, sales and personal development for relationship issues in the office as well as at home. He has successfully helped professional athletes, salespeople, managers, musicians and many others achieve and even exceed their goals. He enjoys speaking to groups about the benefits of hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis techniques. He explains how the mind works and what you can do to over-ride old programming that may no longer serve you or your best interests. He also conducts seminars and workshops based on the work from his book to other health care professionals so they can use these skills and implement them into their own practice— empowering themselves through self-mastery of the mind and becoming more effective at helping their patients get well and stay well naturally. Dr. Mays now has his practice back in Lodi after being in the North Lake Tahoe/ Truckee area for sixteen years. Along with his wife Terri enjoys a true mind-body health care clinic located at 801 S. Fairmont Avenue. He can be reached at 209-368-1895 or through his website at doc@DrMitchellMays.com

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Gary Cooper

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